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    Stopped by the T-mobile kiosk at my local mall and asked them when they would start selling the Treo 270. They did not have them on display, but did have some in stock and were selling them. Just thought everyone might be interested in knowing.


    ps I asked about plans and as far as the service person knew, they were only going to be offering the standard per MB plans.
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    Although you may find 270s at T-Mobile stores, I read a posting at the internal T-Mobile Customer Care web site that there have been a high number of keyboard backlight failures reported. The stores are supposed to send all of the units back through distribution for additionqal QA testing. I guess we will have to wait a little longer for the 270 at TMO.
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    The lady at the kiosk seemed more than ready to sell me the unit. Can you post any supporting links to this report?

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    The link would be of no use as it is on the internal TMO intranet. I called my contacts in customer care and they pointed out to me the blacklight problem notice was dated August 8th of last year. I made an attempt to contact the handset testing team, but I have not received a response. Based on the age of the notice, I would consider the issue old and resolved and I will continue to try to reach the handset team to get verification that this issue is resolved. I apologize for any consternation I caused for the earlier post. Just reporting what I read. FYI I am a Field Engineering Manager with TMO and have been waiting for the 270 to become available just like everyone else.
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    I did not intend to sound negative. I hope my reply was not taken that way. Just trying to get solid information and anxiously awaiting T-mobile's support of the 270.

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