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    Hi all, suddenly my treo 270 hung and after doing a soft reset, i can't register any network, my sim card is fine tho'. its sez network searching and nothing else happens, anybody had this before, how do i do a hard reset?

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    Not sure what's happening.

    To do a hard reset, HOTSYNC first!!

    Press the reset button while holding the power switch down. Release the power switch when the Palm screen comes up. Answer yes to the question (using the up scroll button)...

    - Marc
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    Try adding the radio reset.prc file and the sdrvdirectradiolib.prc files and see if that forces it back onto the network.
    Don't bother if you are running the GPRS upgrade

    If not you can also try draining the battery down to nothing and than charge it back up and see if that works. Others with this similar problem seem to have been able to revive it after the battery drain process. To speed up the draining you can open your memo app and select new, type :shortcut: .3 in the memo and it will display [no auto off], than leave the lid open and your treo will stay on. This will speed the process of draining the battery.
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    sheesh, this will be the 5th time i'm gonna replace me treo from the distributor here...

    how reliable is that?
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    7 th treo ... in one year
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    have the handspring flip thing show up when you try to connect to the network or is it just say searching at the top of the phone app?

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