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    I too use a Treo 180 on XP - using USB to sync both at work and at home.

    While I don't usually have any problems syncing with my work computer, every 2-3 months my home computer stops syncing. Just last week I encountered the problem again - and got it syncing again by CAREFULLY following the instructions on Handspring's website.

    You need the latest version of the Handspring desktop software, and follow all the uninstall/re-install instructions to the letter.

    It took me about 30 minutes - but I'm now syncing again at home.

    I think it has to be related to versions of the O/S, and what updates and security patches have been loaded (do you have automatic updates turned ON), and all sorts of desktop changes that occur all the time.

    but with a little careful work, you'll be syncing again.
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    It is good to hear you are synching again. I hear tha you have a new device. Does that new one work with the USB?

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    They've send me a serial cable so I don't know. To be honoust I don 't really care now long as everything works OK I'll be satisfied. Probably I'll order an extra USB cable again to use that one @ work.

    I will stay carefull with the Treo because it's still quite fragile.

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    forgive me for joining in so late on this post but if you read your very first post with the email from HS it talks about some very cruicial steps that im not sure you followed.

    1. Click on Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add/Remove Hardware...
    2. Click on the Next button.
    3. Select Uninstall/Unplug a Device and click on the Next button.
    4. Select Uninstall a Device and click on the Next button.
    5. Select any Show Hidden Devices check mark box or radio button.
    6. Look for any of:

    i. Handspring USB
    ii. Handspring Visor
    iii. USB Device
    iiii. Handspring Handheld (i added this)
    iiiii. Palm OS Device (i added this)

    Select (click on) any one of those and click on the Next button.

    ( Note: it is generally unwise to delete other device entries. Consider
    only the three listed. ***Do Not*** delete "Unknown Devices". )

    7. Click on the Yes button to uninstall the drivers.

    8. Click on the Finish button and unplug the USB cradle.

    9. If you saw multiple Handspring or generic USB device items listed in
    step 6, perform steps 1 to 8 again.

    If the driver has been built for the same device more than once on Win 2000 then the unit will not sync, im sure both the cables you have purchased are just fine. Serial sync can be somewhat more reliable but once you learn how do fix a troubled USB hotsync it really is much better. One piece of advice for the serial sync, keep the speed down.

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