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    I was wondering if anyone knows how to set the treo 180 to automatically open to homepage when the lid opens instead of opening to phonebook. is there a way to change the preference settings. thank you in advance/
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    Install Buttons-T or TreoButton, search This allows you to set the application that gets launched when the flip is opened. Just set the app to Blazer. This will be the closest you can get.
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    Or if you have the GPRS update installed, there is a new option in the prefences called "buttons2" and this allows you to set an action for the flip with out any add on software.
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    Thanks For You Help, I'll probably just stick it out and just press shift +homepage, recently had to send for a new treo because of the radio signal cutting off every minute so its out of commission for now.
    wherever i am there i will be

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