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    Does anyone know how to make the underline stroke using either the Treo keyboard or the stylus using RecoEcho+? Some URL's, usernames (like mine), and email addresses have the "_" as part of the address and I can't figure out how to make it on the Treo. Am I missing something obvious? (it wouldn't be the first time!)
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    Hit the - key, which is a combo of the blue option key and the f key, then hit the ... key, which shares itself with the 0 key. You will see a list of of chars that include the _, ~, and =, as well as some others that I can't even find on my PC keyboard. It is the first option, but you can use the scroll to select others, and then hit return.
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    Found it...your instructions were great!

    Many thanks!
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    You can also continue to press the ... button to move through the list (as opposed to using the down key). Then you can press space to select it (as opposed to the return key).

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