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    I have heard in various threads about people wanting to initiate changes by nagging sprint. Whether it a simple change like a louder SMS Beep or something like giving us more characters in a SMS. Well I would like to help but what is the best way to let sprint know what's on our minds. Is there an address we should mail a letter to, is there an email address where someone who cares gets it. A phone number we can bombard with a uniform voice. How should we do it?
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    Is it best to bombard Sprint with these demands? I've spoken with a liaison that works between Sprint and Handspring, and she says that any structural/software issues (SMS beeps, etc) would actually be handled and at the discretion of Handspring more than Sprint.

    I thought the 160 character limit on SMS was somewhat universal? I know it's been that way with Sprint since I was using text messages sent to pagers back in 1999...maybe I'm just dumb...

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