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    Does anyone know if this is possible to do? Are there any good clients for reading Notes mail? Do they require any server-side changes? THANKS!
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    Take a look at Avant Go's Pylon Pro. Their product allows you to take any notes database to the palm. It also does the PIM stuff.
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    My config is as following:

    1) Basejet for mail sync (both remote and local)
    2) Intellisync for Calendar, Tasks and Memos

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    I use Easy Synch 3a and it works like a charm.
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    If you want to access (send and receive) mail with your Lotus Notes mail db, you have two options:

    1) Create or have a POP3 account so that whatever mail arrives to your notes mail db will then be forwarded and vice-versa (through the use of an agent or 3rd party). In your POP3 account, set your reply address to your notes account so as not to confuse the recipient. As a result, the recipient will think that you are using Lotus Notes mail only.

    2) Switch to Lotus Notes 6.0

    So you're not just limited to synchronizing your mail db to your pc/laptop,,,, you can now leave your pc behind and go anywhere as long as there's a signal to send and receive your mails through wireless connection.

    By the way, if you also want to open your attachments (especially word and excel), try Documents to Go.
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    Or use a program that support IMAP and change your R5 mailbox to support it. SnapperMail will be supporting this very soon!

    Or just use Blazer and web-enablement to get to your R5 mail. I use it regularly.
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    Pylon Pro is expensive but it works well. You cannot sync wirelessly unless you have a network hotsync setup and that takes forever.

    Pylon does allow for you to take databases other than mail with you. Thats what I bought it for.

    When SnapperMail gets its IMAP available then it will be a good solution as long as your admins have enabled IMAP on the server. Working with Domino via POP when you already have folders is a pain just not worth fighting.

    Basejet does a great job for wireless usage. Via Basejet I get faxes that are TIFF's that are in my Notes mailbox. Documents to Go doesn't support TIFF.

    Inbox to Go from Dataviz works really really well. The only think I don't like is your mail is forwarded to a Dataviz server and waits for you. This is probably why it works so well, but I don't like it.

    Knowing all this, Basejet is free. Try it you will like it. TIP... on your Treo you need to set basejet's PORT from 80 to 110 do hotsync wirelessly.

    SnapperMail looks very promising now that it works with QuickOffice. This summer Dataviz will release some product that does attachments on the handheld. I am very curious.

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    I have successfully started using Basejet for wireless email access. It seems to work very well, now that they gave me a patch for Notes R6.

    There were some interesting comments here, though....for example, R6 webmail using Blazer?? How does this work? We have webmail enabled, but not accessible from the public internet. I am currently trying to find a VPN solution that works on the 270. So far, MergicVPN "kinda" works, but I need an IPsec solution. Is there another R6 option that I am missing?

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