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    I am wondering if anyone has been able to get get an IPsec VPN client working n their Treo 270., especially if they use T-Mobile GPRS as their service provider.

    I have been trying to use the MovianVPN client for Palm from certicom, but haven't had much luck. My VPN concentrator is a Nortel Contivity, which they say is supported. My data connection is T-Mobile VPN (as opposed to T-Mobile Internet). I am able to successfully connect to the Contivity (verified by the server logs), but once connected I am unable to pass any traffic to the internal network.

    I have tried going to certicom for help. Their FAQ section states that the client "seems to work fine on the Treo 270" but when I wrote to tech support they said that they were working on a new release to support the Treo. ...huh??!!

    Anyway, I was hoping that someone else has had some experience in this arena that they could share with me. Maybe an alternate client??? THANKS!!!
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    Try Mergic VPN

    Will Lau

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