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    I'm interested in getting another SD card (my T90 came with a 16 MB one.) Is there a limit to the size that the Treo can use? A 128 MB card was mentioned here, so that works, but does a 256 MB card have problems? Also, can these large cards be formatted on the Treo itself? I got the impression here that it may be neccesary to have a different device to format it, and would prefer not to buy something else. The other kind of limit I wonder about is convenient use. Since the time it takes to scan the card gets longer as it gets bigger, is it a good idea to have several smaller cards rather than one very large one? If so, does anyone have an idea of what size is the max useful?

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    There are two schools of thought: You can put a one gigabyte SD on your Treo and never have to remove it, since it can store so much. But then you'll have to put up with the slow scanning of the card.

    OR you can get a handfull of 16M cards that you have to change regularly, but are very fast loading.

    I have a 64 meg and still have 37 megs free, even using it to backup the 90. That's probably the biggest card I'll buy.
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    A followup:
    I'm still not sure whether there is an actual limit to the size of SD card the Treo can support, or whether the scan time is the only limit. I'm also not sure whether the problems mentioned above with formatting a large SD card on device are general. I got a 64MB SD card, and it came formatted. Format functions are to be found in the card info app menu, as well as under the volume info menu item of FileCaddy. If you do get an SD card, the prices have a very broad range, so look around.

    Scanning a large card may not be a big deal, since you should only need to scan the subdirectory of interest. The open-source filecaddy project may help, since a plugin should soon make it possible to run programs from any directory, not just the PALM\Launch directory. See their site:
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    I haven't heard of a limit. I know there were some issues with the orig Treo 90 OS and the 128M cards but that was corrected in the upgrade.

    It makes sense to organize by directories, but still the scan time can be horrific. To scan my backup directory of 13K takes a minute and 22 seconds.
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    That's too long. The backup directory for BackupBuddyVFSFree must be only one directory, but everything else needs to be in smaller directories to be actually useful.

    I've found that Filez takes 57 sec to scan my ca. 10MB backup dirrectory, but FileCaddy takes under 10 sec to scan the same directory.

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