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    Hey Guys,

    missed out on the best buy deal so was wondering whats floating around now? Is it worth buying one now or waiting for the treo 400 specs and see when that is coming out.
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    If people find good treo deals tell us about them them
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    ...until 1 march (tomorrow). Go to and get the circular (use my NY zip 10010), then take it to the sprint store and have them match it.

    I was tired of Best Buy not having them in stock, so this is what I did. It took forever, and I had to get the *right* manager to approve it, plus I had to disconnect my old plan and change numbers in order to be considered a new customer. but at the end of the day I have a Treo 300 for $250. Bummer that they discontinued the $30/300 min. plan, but I had been thinking of upgrading anyway so $45/600 min. was OK. Still unlimited Vision, BTW.

    We'll see if I get the new customer credit and the friend referral credit. I am <very> happy with my Treo (at least until the PocketPC version from Hitachi comes out in June).

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