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    Sprint (with Vision) now has pricing plans that weren't available when I first purchased my Treo 300. If I was to go online and switch plans, would I be hit with the $150.00 "early termination" fee? Or, will Sprint merely reset the counter so that I need to stay with them for at least one more year? I still have several months to go before my initial one year contract is up. Thanks.
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    They should just restart the "counter". USually they just make it a 1 year committment from the day you change plans.

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    which plan were u lookin at and what do u have now
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    Originally posted by quake8
    which plan were u lookin at and what do u have now
    I currently get 800 anytime minutes with unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited data for $70.00. But my usuage has been low so I'm looking at the same package but with 500 anytime minutes for $55.00. The savings, (with taxes,) would be around $18.00 monthly.
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    Unfortunatley from what I understand. Sprint only waives penalty fees if you're upgrading to a more expensive plan. If you under contract and you want to downgrade, you will probably have to pay some kind of penalty. However, I dunno if its $150 bucks...
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    What about updating your plan because they now offer unlimited PCS to PCS phone calling?

    Will I have to sign a 2 year agreement to change?

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    AirData: Odds are, yes, if you can get the option of Unlimited PCS to PCS for free you have to do the 2yr agreement (as explained by a pricing plan coordinator from SPCS)

    MrSandman: As someone else said, if you're changing your plan, the year agreement will simply "restart." There have been rumors of penalty fees for changing to a lower plan, as I understand it they were stopped when the new Pres to control of SPCS, but if they still exist they are only @$5 and that's only if you call cust. care to do it (online or through the automated phone system has no charge). You can always call and ask if there would be that charge before you do it. The $150 termination fee ONLY applies if you choose to no longer continue your service with SPCS within the termed time period. You will NOT have to pay that to change your plan.
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    Thanks to everybody for all the info. I realize I could have just called Sprint. But I hate calling Sprint and usually get much more accurate info on this board. Thanks again!

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