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    What is a "CF card sled" that won 2nd place in the poll for accessories?

    Have I been living under a rock?

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    A bracket/adapter that would plug into the USB/Hotsync port on the Treo and accept Compact Flash cards.
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    AH. ok never heard of that. Havent found anything on the web about it either. Anyone got links? Also what are people using this for?

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    It's never been developed. You could use this for anything that a CF card was designed to do. ie: Hard Drive, 802.11, Extra Memory etc.
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    It actually was developed, but i belive it was canceled. I think we might of had a prototype of it at our Florida office, but again i don't recall.

    Read up on the original article here.
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    A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with someone from handspring cust. support. He had mentioned that the additonal battery sled that HS was working on would be out shortly. When I asked if they were also going to be adding a memory card slot to this, he aswered that "one might think it would be a very good ave. for us to explore". I hope that meant yes. So there maybe a card slot sled (with or without) an additoinal battery soon. Lets, hope so!
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    man I thought it was going to be a picture of the freakin' sled...

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    Same here; sorry Jay, I'd rather see the sled too.
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    hi sorry i did not mean to post my pic there i wanted it posted to the left of the posting of which i just figured out how! take care, Jay

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