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    I haven't been able to use any wireless data services since Monday. I called Sprint for the first time in almost a year, and got connected to one of the truly worst (read:stupidest) reps I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

    I'll spare you the details, but let's just say she told me the entire nationwide Sprint network was down (for data) with no ETA on restoration. Obviously this isn't true - or the board would be covered up with complaints.

    Is anyone else (in Atlanta, specifically) having any problems? Every time I try to check mail or anything, the sign on process fails.


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    I'm in Atlanta and I've experienced no problems with my service.
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    You might want to try resetting your Treo 300. That has helped me in similiar situations.
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    I am in Atlanta on business, got here around 9:30pm on Wednesday. I have had no (abnormal) problems with Vision.
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    I live in Atlanta and started having data problems last week. Something about my password changing. The problem is apparently fixed, but all week I've been struggling with failure to connect most of the time. Error Code 0x1102.
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    I am in Atlanta and my data has been down error 0x1102 Spint told me so many lies the past few days I went to a sprint store. Long story short my data was fixed this afternoon. Was it me or all?
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    0x1102 - same error code I'm getting.

    What did they do for you at the Sprint store to fix your problem?
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    My data went down again. I went back to the store and got treo number 3 for me. Then it wouldn't provision. I called customer service. glad the hold music doesn't have words cuz I would know them by heart and sing along. I got to teir 2. NEIL is the man. He walked me through programing the provisioning and boom. I was back online. No other tech was as smart as him. Now I hope it stays on.

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