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    I'm hoping someone can shed some light on my problem:

    I have a Treo 90 that will freeze every time I press the hotsync button on the usb cable. It does not matter if the usb end is connected to the computer or not. As soon as the Treo starts to hotsync, it freezes.

    Although, it doesn't seem relevant, since my computer doesn't even get started, here's my setup:

    Powermac G4/450
    1GB RAM/plenty of disk space
    Palm Desktop 4.0
    Treo 90
    Palm OS v. 4.1H
    usb travel cable/cradle

    I even updated my iomega software, as was recommended on the support page.

    The Treo itself is kind of old. My wife has never hotsync-ed it at home before, so we never came across this problem.

    Please help!

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    Did you update the Treo 90 with the download found here:

    The Treo 90 needs the "Palm Desktop and HotSync 4.0 patch" before it can sync with most Macs.
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    why do you have both the Palm and Handspring version of Palm Desktop? try uninstalling both, then load only the Handspring version. that should fix the problem.
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    Well, I successfully synced the Treo.

    I had Palm Desktop already installed because I have an old m100 that also took ages to actually sync.

    Can't tell any difference between the Palm Desktop I downloaded from Handspring and the one I downloaded from Palm (besides branding the installer), but it works!

    Thanks for your help.


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