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    Treo 300 Remote Desktop Operation via palmVNC???

    I am trying to use PalmVNC to view/manipulate my desktop which
    is on MSN/Qwest DSL. Treo running palmVNC v2.0.1 says "not connected" and I do not see any place to put in properties or to connect...?????

    [url] says my IP is, when I hold curser over desktop icon it says "winVNC-SSS-

    Do I need to "add new client" on desk top? What would I put?

    Do I need to use/instal VNC viewer.exe? What settings?

    PalmVNC was loaded, but don't seem to be able to install any address's or properties...

    Thank you much for any help, as I beleive this program will be useful to me....
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    Sounds like to me you are behind a router or something if your IP address on your computer is and your external IP is First of all you will need to map ports 5800 and 5900 to your computer. This should be done in the router configuration.

    Second, run palmVNC and it says not connected. Press the option button to access the menu at the top, then press connect. Here is where you will need to put in the IP of your router ( and use display 0.

    The way the display thing works is if you change to display 1 this will change the ports that it uses to 5801 and 5901. So basically it adds what ever value you use for the display to 5800 and 5900 to get the port to use for the VNC server.

    The 5800 is used when you want to access your desktop from a java enabled browser. The 5900 is used when you want to access your desktop from the VNC viewer software or palmVNC.

    Hope this helps.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    Port 5900 is the one you need to forward. I've done the same, and have controlled my home desktop from my Palm on numerous times.

    It works very well

    - Mike

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