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    Somebody over at Powerpage mentioned a Blade Bluetooth Adaptor for the Treo from RedM. I did a google search with no results. I also didn't see anything about the Treo on the RedM website. Anybody hear of any plans by RedM to make a bluetooth adaptor for the Treo or is this guy just confused?

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    If you are referring to this post:

    Re: Sprint Treo as Wireless Modem with Mac OS X
    by: Anonymous (IP logged)
    2/26/2003 - 9:52:12 AM
    Has anyone looked into the RedM Blade Bluetooth Adapter for the Treo300? In theory this should work but I haven't seen anyone post about it.

    The poster might have confused the Red-M Blade Bluetooth adapter that was/is made for the Handspring Springboard slot. After searching around I could only find this adapter and one for the Palm Vx.

    But thanks for getting my hopes up

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