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    I have been a lucky tester of a very cool app named Chatter. I have been testing Chatter in its “alpha” stage, with my Treo 270, and I am absolutely loving it. Chatter, in a nutshell, is a messaging software that enables you to use various Instant Messaging (Yahoo, AIM, MSN, ICQ), e-mail or SMS. The beauty of Chatter is that it runs while your Treo is awake or asleep, or while you are actually using Chatter or running a different application (Chatter will be active in the background, and if you receive a message it will simply appear on your screen). Chatter will incorporate IMAP incoming and SMTP outgoing e-mails.
    The most fun I had thus far while testing Chatter is dealing with Marc Blank, the brain behind this fun app. Marc is a diligent and efficient worker, incredibly prompt in his responses, attentive and has a good sense of humor, reminding me throughout this experience that genuine and talented persons program and develop applications and software.
    Since Conrad wrote a very good review about Chatter (for the Treo 300), I will not dwell here on pros and cons of using Chatter, or the technical aspects of it. I am submitting here the link to Conrad’s thread and I highly recommend that you read it!
    And Marc: Thanks again!

    An added part (2/28/03).
    I have been testing (IMAP) e-mail with Chatter and now that it is working well I highly recommend this option. E-mail with Chatter is “push” mail so you do not have to “fetch” your e-mails, they will appear on your screen by vibrating or “singing,” while you are using Chatter (if you do not like your Treo to vibrate or “sing,” you can mute that option).
    Chatter is just getting better and better... m00se
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