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    Teo 300 Remote Desktop Operation via palmVNC???

    I am trying to use PalmVNC to view/manipulate my desktop which
    is on MSN/Qwest DSL. Treo running palmVNC v2.0.1 says "not connected" and I do not see any place to put in properties or to connect...?????

    [url] says my IP is, when I hold curser over desktop icon it says "winVNC-SSS-

    Do I need to "add new client" on desk top? What would I put?

    Do I need to use/instal VNC viewer.exe? What settings?

    PalmVNC was loaded, but don't seem to be able to install any address's or properties...

    Thank you much for any help, as I beleive this program will be useful to me....
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    You're behind a firewall/personal router.

    What you'll need to do is set your firewall to forward traffic for the VNC ports to your PC's IP address, and then it will work. The details of this are probably available online, if you google. The particulars change based on what you're using as a router, so I can't really help you out too much.

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