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    After various experiments, I have found my personal favorite settings for Blazer and Eudora:

    I set Blazer to Cache Size : 0 and Disconnect on Exit

    I set Eudora to Disconnect after Send/Check

    The results for me are as follows:

    Much snappier response in Blazer in getting on and in moving between websites;

    Never being confused by stale data left over from a prior visit;

    Reduced almost to nil missed calls from unwittingly still being on web

    Switching to any other app including PhoneBook is recognized as a Quit and brings up a Disconnecting message

    YMMV, but this is what works for me and has made me much happier with both web and phone operations on my Treo.


    Treo 600 - what a "Marvel"ous device!
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    Thanks for the post Nates. If you see this, I was just wondering what you thought of Xiino and EudoraWeb. While Blazer works well for me occasionally, I find myself being more productive with these other two.
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    After using Xiino, there is no way back to Blazer. My only complain about Xiino is the tiny icons/buttons, because it reduces the sizes of images to put them into the screen.
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    I also us Xiino for most of my web browsing. I notice how much faster it is than Blazer every time I need to use Blazer to hit certain sites. Xiino is more capable than Blazer on most sites too (eg. You can actually log into and check minutes on Sprint's site using Xiino). It costs money though.

    Full width graphics look nicer in Blazer though. Xiino tries to resize images/frames as if they were in a window that is the width of the Treo's screen. It's esp. nicer for weather sites and sites w/ large graphics.
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    I would like to try Xiino - any issues with having both it and Blazer on the same device - do they readily coexist? And does Xiino take up a lot of memory on the Treo? I also use Snapper for my mail.
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    There's certainly no problem with the two programs coexisting. Xiino takes up about 550k plus the cache, which is user-configurable. This may seem like a lot, but it's a competent piece of software and it handles a lot of Javascript.

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    My Xiino stopped working since last night - always "Receiving...". I wound anyone else having the same problem?
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    I'm having the same problem. Sometimes Ilinx puts server status information on their site. I am sure it's a problem with their servers.


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