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    Either you'll know what I'm talking about or not by the title of this post: I have that "P" problem with my Treo 270 (GPRS update came bundled with this replacement).

    By the "P" problem, I mean: whenever you open the calendar or address book, it automatically puts a "p" in your entry field below so that either 1) you accidentally create lots of appointments that just say "p" or 2) in the address book, you open to the first person in your list that starts with "p" (in my case, some spanish girl named Patrica Alvarez that I met in Starbucks a few years ago).

    The worst part is: sometimes, after it pulls up Patricia's number, when I close the lid, it now AUTOMATICALLY calls her! It is not uncommon for me to look down at my Treo only to find that it has connected with Patricia several minutes ago. This is particularly embarrassing since I don't even know this girl and I've probably left her 10 voice mails in Madrid in the middle of the night her time - I'm in NYC! (Patricia, if you're reading this, apologies - my Treo knows not what it does, who it calls, etc.)

    Can anybody tell me how to fix:
    - the "p" problem
    - the auto-dial problem when you close the lid after the "p" problem comes up (I'm assuming it is relatec)

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    Please don't cross post--see your post in Troubleshooting.

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