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    I am curious on 2 things

    1) after it has been out a while now, what are peoples opinion on Verichat for a Multiple IM package and is there anything better

    2) Is there anything (problems ) with verichat and the treo 300 that i should be aware of .

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    I've been using this since the initial Beta release. It has had a few, very minor problems (Entirely in the Beta relases), but is now really stable.

    This is by far the best thought-out app for the Treo 300. The guys at PDAApps really put together quality programs that perfectly fill the gaps left by Sprint/HS.

    Load the trial, you won't be disappointed...
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    I use verichat a lot, and haven't had many problems with the app itself. The only strangeness I've noticed so far is that if I receive a new chat request while I'm in verichat, it plays my "unknown caller" tone which is annoying since it is neither a call nor unknown. Anyone else have this problem?

    Verichat's reliance on SMS, however, can be an issue with the 300 and Sprint. When you're not in the Verichat app, messages are sent to you via SMS which has always been unreliable with Sprint. Messages sometimes either don't come through or are delayed. There also used to be a problem where messages that were too long to fit in an SMS would get cut off, but this seems to have been resolved recently and messages get split up into about 45 character chunks and sent in individual SMS's.

    I'm looking forward to Chatter coming out, to get around the SMS annoyances of verichat.

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