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    Is it my phone or is it a general sw problem?

    When I am in the phone book and I am using the keyboard to search and dial the name "Mike", I get as far as the "k" (with the phone book displayed) when the screen changes to the dialer and the numbers "936" pop up on the number to be dailed display. The numbers "936" correspond to the letters "mik" on the keyboard, but I have no idea why it changes from phone book alpha search mode to using the numbers in the dialer. Anyone else having this problem?
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    never mind
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    The way the Treo phone app works is that it takes the first letter as the first letter of the first name and the remaining letters as the last name. Thus, if you enter "mik" it will search for a name with the first name starting with "m" and the last name starting with "Ik". If it cannot match any name in the address book, it will then switch to the dialer screen interpreting the letters you typed as numbers. So what you describe is consistent with the way it's programmed. To find Mike, just enter the "m" followed by the first letter of his last name.
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    My Treo 300 searches by both first and last name. For example, if I have a Mark Smith in my phonebook, I can get to this entry either by typing MAR or by typing SMI. I only get the dial pad if I type a number not in the phonebook, when the treo realizes I'm trying to dial numerically.

    Hope this helps...
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    For all names other than those that are also exclusively numbers, my Treo will also search by first or last name. That is why the "mik" issue was so strange.

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