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    I would like them to put in a light sensor so that the keyboard back lighting/screen dimming will be automatic when the flip cover is opened.
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    Keep in mind, I don't think the question was, "List everything you'd like on the next Treo version that will bump the price to $900."
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    rather than come up with a fantasy wishlist - i'll just run down a list of features that would make me get rid of the Treo 300 for a something new -

    1. Bluetooth
    2. Faster processor / MP3 (this is assuming that a bump up in speed will allow mp3/ogg playback)

    Either of those features combined with the current standard features of the treo would make me trade this one in. Everything else is pretty much just icing on the cake. I would love to have a hi - rez screen but i'm not willing to pay over $500 for my next phone / combo / all in one
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    just chuck in an arm processor (if it was only that easy...)
    For the price i wouldn't mind faster than my 9 yr old 286, and a CF slot, i know this makes it sound like i want an ipaq but i'm smitten with my treo but i think in a year its gonna look very dated with 3G phones having more features.

    With these two we then can go on to mp3 and video etc...but to be honest i couldn't give a monkeys about polyphonicoholic ringtones, the treos about functionality isnt it? get a 'pogo' phone if you fancy gimmicks

    oh and one that doesn't break would be nice......
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    In response to the initial posting...

    Sadly CDMA networks do not handle 3-way calling well. GSM networks allow selective hold and drop. On CDMA networks like Verizon/Sprint, you end up dropping the wrong call inadvertently. This is a network 'feature' and not something the Treo or any other handset can help with.

    Just to add my two cents to the discussion:

    I would like to see a simple color game included free with the next Treo. The 4 or 5 games in the Add-on directory were included with Palm devices for years now and they are not fun any more. Give us something new next time. My vote is for something simple and mindless like Galax.
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    Originally posted by Poryphyron
    I would like to see a simple color game included free with the next Treo.
    hmmm - arent there like THOUSANDS of FREE games available for the Palm OS platform? Not including the color ones?
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