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    Hi, Paul.

    I think that, in the background (i.e. not running Chatter), there's about 2K/hour expended making sure it's still talking to the server. If the data connection is broken and a reconnect is required, that would add more. (Background operation is optional, by the way, for those who don't know).

    So I think that the optimal "overhead" of using Chatter in the background (i.e. nothing whatever is happening except checking in with the server) is something less than 2MB/month, even at 24x7. In reality, however, I'd think that most "power" users could expect to use between 2MB and 5MB per month on Chatter data, including IM's (even more, perhaps, if you're using eMail on Chatter).

    Honestly, I think Chatter will be "ideal" when

    1) For the 180/270, unlimited data or inexpensive 10/20MB plans are around (and they may be in some areas). A plan like yours, with 2MB data, is awfully marginal.

    2) For the 300, when Sprint gets their act together and avoids frequent disconnects for folks like me (many people don't get them).

    At the moment, though, things are far not ideal. Since the functionality, interface, and overall approach of Chatter and VeriChat are very different, every individual will have to determine which of these solutions (if any) are best for them.

    In your situation, with a very limited data plan (and bad upgrade options), this is probably a difficult choice indeed! My hope, FWIW, is that T-Mobile announces a reasonable unlimited data plan for the Treo once they are offering Treo's in their stores.

    - Marc
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    Originally posted by mblank
    p.s. If you're interested in testing, let me know.
    I am interested in testing. I am a Treo270 user in Canada. I currently have VeriChat but I hate that it doesn't support ICQ - I am currently chatting with my ICQ contacts through the AIM gateway. I also love Trillium on my desktop and keep wondering why something like that couldn't be created for the palm. I have read good things about your program and would be happy to test it out.
    Darren Greenspoon
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    Darren: Send me eMail to and I'll get you started this week.
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    There was a typo in my review, which I've corrected. It should have read:
    "Marc believes that, based on his testing and his usage, Chatter alone should _NOT_ bump you over 10MB/mo, and I think that's true."

    Sorry for the mix up.

    I'm a Chatter tester and a Verichat (as well as Snappermail) owner, and for my purposes, Chatter is much more useful. I've had so many problems with SMS that I've all but given up on it. At this point I consider Chatter vital.

    if I have one complaint, then it is one I level at Handspring, and not Chatter. The choice to go with a small, non-replaceable battery was a mistake. Especially in the 300 model which has a much higher power output when communicating than the 180/270. On days when I have to use Chatter heavily, I've found that the battery life in the 300 is insufficient. This is true regardless if I'm using Chatter, Verichat, Snappermail, BrowserZ, or Blazer.
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    Originally posted by Conrad
    I'm a Chatter tester and a Verichat (as well as Snappermail) owner, and for my purposes, Chatter is much more useful.
    Agree, agree, agree.
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