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    I just switched from a Treo 270 to the 300 and Sprint. I'm annoyed that we can't set the ringtone for SMS message alerts. Instead we can only turn On/Off the Beep/Vibrate, which I usually can't hear when I'm outside and the Treo is in the case.

    I hope and suggest that a future Treo300SMS upgrade will somehow provide for a louder sound for message alerts. Does anyone know if this is currently possible with any third party software? Thanks.
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    I want the Treo 300 to replace my old phone and my old pager -- but if the Treo can't wake me up at 4 am with an SMS message from work, it's not doing the job.

    I sure hope Sprint and Handspring will get together to correct this lack.
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    Sprint set the parameters for everything on their phones. It's not something Handspring can change arbitrarily. You should look to third-party developers to hack the default SMS sound - its probably a resource in the MIDI PDB file that could be edited and replaced.

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