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    I just wanted to get some clarification. Is there a hack or a program to enhance the Treo SMS so I can get more then 140 characters? And if so, is it an whole new program that I must use or will it add on to my current treosms?

    Also.. For those using verichat. Can you tell me why people are recieving a strange phone number from my sms messages, I thought it would be my phone number? is it verichats number?
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    The length of your SMS is carrier dependent. Most of them limit the msg to 160 characters. You could try a 3rd party software like MaxText which will handle large SMS msgs.

    As to Verichat sending a phone shouldn't be sending a # at all, only whatever screen name you're signed on with to whichever server, yahoo, msn, or aim. How are you using it?
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    Did anyone ever get a fix to this? All my messages cut off and half the bloody message is wierd carrier info I don't need or want. 100 characters later my message begins only to be cut off after 3 words. VERY IRRITATING!
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    I recently disconn, my T-900 2way pager and cell phone for the Treo 270 all in one device. Then i was hit w/ the 140/160 character bomb. i'm w/ T-mobile and i can't get anything over 160 char. what funny is that it trucates the messaging into 2 messages if i send one over 160 char, but rec one that lenght get's chopped off. I being told by some of the frontline agents that it should break the messege up into 2 sms messages if you get one that big. is there any truth to that?? I've only had this phone for a month now.

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