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    Originally posted by MarkSpector
    Thanks. But no changes. I never set up T-Zone e-mail info, alerts, or anything. The Alert box was checked, which I unchecked. There is no e-mail onfo for me on the t-zone web site.

    I've downloaded mail from TreoMail on a couple of occasions now, and no sms or status change from "Pending". And I have received a dozen e-mails in my outlook inbox since the last mail showed up on TreoMail (all e-mail since 11 am), and none of those download to TreoMail. I turned all TreoMail filters off yesterday.

    And for all this aggravation and unreliability I pay a monthly fee?
    i hear you - i can't tell you why it worked for me, but it did - and i do think it had to do with unchecking that box.

    i also had to pay $20 for the service call!
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    OK, I've now got the sms e-mail alert working. I deleted TreoMail, and re-installed. Made sure that t-zone alert thing thing was unchecked, and the sms are coming. I even just got an sms a minute before the mail showed up on the PC. So thanks for that tip.

    I'll give it a few days and see if theother e-mail problem fixes itself.

    Thanks again.
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