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    This might be more of a tech problem, but no one looks at the tech board anymore, so any help is appreciated. I had to hard reset after a fatal error. I restored fine off the desktop. Only problem is now evertime I hotsync, it tries to "restore" again and after 10 minutes of hotsync, I get another fatal error. Any idea how to get back to old hotsynch. I disabled the install oon the conduit, but no sucess.
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    I had ths same problem on a previous palmOS pda I had, but the solution should be similar:

    1) Make sure you have your Treo totally restored and backed up (use something like backup buddy)

    2) copy your user database to the desktop or some other folder from the Palm Desktop folder (keep it handy just in case something Fubar happens)

    3) Delete the database from the Palm desktop folder (shoud be c:\palm\"user ID")

    4) Sync the PDA with the desktop, choose "handheld overwrites desktop" under hotsync>custom

    5) Then finally sync again with normal setting

    This should fix the problem. If it doesn't then the only thing I could reccomend is to try uninstalling Palm Desktop, delete everything (extensions and drivers), back up everything relating to palm on your dekstop, then try re-installing Palm Desktop and finally syncing...

    good luck
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