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    odd question but this appears to be some really odd behavior -

    I just got a brand new Treo (to replace one wit a cracked hinge) and since getting it 3 days ago, the unit has powered off completely twice. Powered off as in not even being able to get into Palm OS desktop, not to even mention the phone/wireless portion. Anyone else have this happen? last time i had to press the reset button to get it to boot up again, but this time thats not working.... Any ideas?
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    I hate to ask but are you sure the battery is fully or even partially charged? With little to no battery, the specifics you share would be true.
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    yah - seems like the battery completely discharged - i think i'm going to hold on to the phone for a few more days. If odd behavior like this happens again, I'll just trade it in for another one...
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    No matter what phone you get, the battery will always have to be charged up to work properly.

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