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    Talk about an ominous sign. As I was flipping through channels this weekend, they were featuring the Treo 180 on the QVC channel for $249. They didn't advertise the model # but there's no mistaking that it was the 180.
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    i saw that over the weekend. Funny part was that the guy said when 3G networks become available the Treo could be upgraded to it and get 1.5 megabytes/sec! That's pretty fast. . . mine chugs along at a theoretical max speed of 3.5 kilobytes per second (28.8 kilobits/sec) on T-Mobile GPRS.

    They also kept saying they were surfing at twice the speed of a dialup modem. I did see that they were connected to GPRS when they showed a shot of Blazer. So I guess when they say "twice speed of dialup modem" they mean a 14.4k modem circa 1995. One of the guys said something like "makes me wonder why i even surf on the desktop". LOL.
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    Megabytes and megabits are different. I'll bet he was referring to megabits.

    Latency is the big issue with wireless speed.

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