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    I just installed the GPRS 1.1.1 upgrade and signed up for GPRS service from T-Mobile. Since the upgrade, I haven't been able to read email using Eudora. I get two errors consistently. Occasionally when it's connecting to my mail server, it will crash with the error "uidl.c, line 703: @@U". If it gets past that point and downloads some mail, it will consistently crash when I try to click on one of those messages with the error "DataMgr.c, Line: 7025, DmWrite: DmWriteCheck failed".

    Does this work for anyone else? Did you have to do anything special to make Eudora work with GPRS?

    I refuse to use non-SSL POP, and as far as I can tell Eudora is my only option.
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    Have you tried deleting Eudora, then re-installing it?
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    Yes, I have. I just used Filez to delete everything Eudora-related, then reinstalled the PRCs from scratch. It didn't help.

    I'm contemplating a hard reset. However Handspring is shipping me a new Treo 180 (to fix a dead speaker), so maybe it'll work on the new handheld.

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