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    I was calling someone who is about 70Km away. I can connect but they can't figure out what I'm saying. I am unintelligible. They say it's like listening to gush of wind. When I called them up using my wife's Nokia 6100, call was clear. Would you know anything about that?
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    Was it the same network? Did you try again with the Treo? Did it do the same thing?

    Maybe it was a network hiccup.
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    At least my wife and I came from the same network just different phones. We were calling folks using the same network. But our prefixes are not the same. My wife and I use the 918- while I am calling folks using 920- but all from the same carrier provider.
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    I found a similar problem calling someone about 500 metres away. Its only happened twice. Once I was able to call them back and the problem went away. The other time it persisted for a few calls. The numbers were both mobiles (one on the same network and one on a different one) that I call frequently, so I know its not a regular problem.

    My guess is with the Network Hiccup theory
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    I've had the same problem described. I've powered off the unit, waited a couple of minutes and powered back on. After the unit finds the network (T-Mobile in my case), calls to the same person who complained of poor call quality were crisper and clearer. Hope this helps.
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    Guys, you are right on the network glitch. I called the same numbers again another day and it was all fine

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