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    After many volume problems where callers cannot hear me or I cannot hear them..I am abandoning Treo 300. It is just too frustrating to use as a phone. The phone application has many good software features, but if you can't hear the person that's calling or they can't hear you...what's the use!

    Will try a Samsung I330..

    Bye Treo users. This is a great board..good luck
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    Have you ever taken your unit into a Sprint PCS store to have it checked out?

    I've NEVER had trouble either hearing the person on the other end of the conversation or had them tell me they couldn't hear me (with it to my ear, with the headset or speakerphone.)

    I personally think that the speakerphone is pretty tinny sounding, but I've never had the trouble you're describing...
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    I have the same problem, but only on some calls. Sometimes I have to hit the speakerphone button to max out the volume. (jog dial volume level is up all the way)

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    No problems on mine - in fact I am quite pleased by the volume. I suggest getting it checked or swapped out under the warranty.
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    i had the same problem with mine and sprint replaced it no questions asked with a brand new one that seems to work much better.
    I Think they are aware of the problem thats why it was so easy to swap
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    I've swapped my phone three times because of speaker problems (mic was always great). The latest one I have works decently, but it's by no means up to par with a standard cell phone speaker.
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    Just got my Samsung SPH-I330..the phone volume is much much better. have substituted Sprint voice command for speed works pretty well. Using Blazer for internet access is good as well.

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    Originally posted by hshimans
    Nice phone, but it will be a cold day in Texas before I give up my thumbpad! (course I must have a new device every 18 months so I may end up eating my words)
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    i'm lucky if I iast 6 months. I must be missing something profound where new gadgets are filling a void. I should join a support group
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    I especially like how quickly you can adjust the sound, and speakerphone is great (it's also useful when using the phone on rainy midtown Manhattan streets or by construction heh).

    I wish the speaker weren't so tinny--other clamshell phones seem to have figured out a better way. I also would make the "medium" ringer volume equal in loudness to the current "loud" setting, and make the "loud" setting much louder.
    --invention is the mother of necessity
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    Originally posted by markshelby
    I also would make the "medium" ringer volume equal in loudness to the current "loud" setting, and make the "loud" setting much louder.
    I second that suggestion!!!!!

    Something weird has happened the last few days on my treo - when I put it on speakerphone the volume all of a sudden gets way too loud. Don't get me wrong - I *like* this, but it seems to be a new development. Previously, I could not get the volume loud enough on speakerphone. I don't know why this would all of a sudden change. I guess I could be imagining it, but I could've sworn that up until now I have had to have the speakerphone volume turned up to max, and still have difficulty hearing.

    By far, though, the *worst* problem for me is the ringtone volume being too soft even at max volume. I miss so many calls because of that (when I am not in a quiet environment or if my phone is in my purse). Oh, and something I have never seen anyone mention - at least once a week, the volume mute button slides to the mute position 'by itself.' Obviously I must be doing something to slide it accidentally, but it seems that it shouldn't happen that easily!!!

    I would not want to switch to the Samsung because of the awkward shape and the lack of the thumbboard. My big complaints about the Treo are the volume problems and the difficulty reading the screen in the daylight. So far, the problems are not bad enough to cause me to switch phones, though...


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