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    Got my Treo 270 3 weeks ago, here in Melbourne, Australia, after much searching for one.

    Used it for about 2 hours a day, mostly reading E-Books on the train.

    One night, the screen finally died - no more backlight. Under strong overhead light, I can still see that the screen is working, but you cannot read anything as the backlight was no longer working.

    Called up my mobile phone provider since the Treo is obviously still under warranty. They called up Handspring Australia (supplied via Brightpoint in Sydney).

    They told me to send my unit up to Sydney using a courier (not Australia Post) but I had to pay for the delivery myself. Finally did it - postage cost $35, insurance $38 - all up over $70 to post it to them.

    Not too happy to have to pay for the postage, but understandable. They tell me it takes up to a week for a replacement, but I am guessing it will be 2-3 weeks.

    Anyway, just sharing my experience with my first Treo.
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    Just breezing through my 2nd week, going to my 3rd. Here's crossing my fingers ....
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    I would fight them on paying for that postage. It is their defective product, and they have admitted to that. In the US/Canada, you are not required to pay for shipping. Not sure why it would be different there.
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    Welcome to the Treo club!

    Browse this forum: you'll see countless threads on the poor Treo hardware realibility.
    But when it works, it's a pretty good device.
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    Good news!

    I sent my Treo via Express courier on Thursday, Handspring Australia got it on Friday.

    I got a brand NEW replacement on Monday!

    Not bad... The replacement is a completely new one - everything packaged and sealed. Plus, I think it's newer than the one they replaced - the Phone menu includes a Call History icon at the bottom, where in the previous Treo I had to choose Call History from the dropdown menu.

    I Hotsynced everything back, and it's all working like new.

    Fingers crossed...

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