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    I just bought a handspring cradle for my treo 300 for $20. I had never seen the cheaper than $40 before.

    Also, I bought the belt clip, which I don't really like as a belt clip because I can't open the flip, but I found that it clips onto the steering wheel in my car perfectly (it looks strange upside down when you turn a sharp corner though)

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    I can't seem to find it on their web site? What is the web site of the place you got it from?

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    FGallina must have bought it in-store. Fry's site is, but you won't find it there. Since I'm in the midwest, I called a bunch of stores to see if any of them would do a phone order. They said there was only 1 location that would (oregon location I think) and they didn't have any. So, short of knowing anyone that lives near a store and can score you one.................oh well................

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