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    After 4 months my Treo 300 was still just like new... except for scratches to the case caused by the optional holster that fits way way too tight! I handle my smartphones like babies though... my 3+ year old Qualcomm pdQ Palm smartphone (remember that one?) is on display near me on my desk and still looks like new
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    Get this feature on your plan and you get no -quibble replacements from Sprint stores. Well worth it.
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    This happened to me as well. What essentially happened is that the right half (facing the phone) of the hinge locked, and when I lifted the lid, the plastic of the hinge itself started bending. I didn't finish opening it and immediately brought it to a Sprint store. (After the Sprint store, I finished opening it, which resulted in snapping the hinge's plastic.)

    They said that Handpsring had identified this as a known issue, and since it was still under warranty (I got it the day it came out), they would send me a new one free. Came in the mail today (2 business days later). They're giving me an envelope to mail my old one back in. No hassles for me.

    Now if only my PC hadn't died in the intervening time, I could sync up my new phone and start using it.

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    Damn. This crack happened on mine as well.

    Sure enough, today I noticed the crack next to the left hinge. Damn, I thought.

    I went into the Sprint store where I bought it from and they said that it is cosmetic and canot give me another Treo even though it was only 8 months old. (And said that even if they could they had none in stock)

    So I called the replacement program (I am paying $4 per month for this) and after asking me a bunch of questions said that they are not going to be able to replac my phone because the damage was "cosmetic". The rep asked me, "How does the damage interfere with you being able to make calls?" And I said, well, the hinge is cracked, the plastic is exposed, and I could see myself bringing the phone up to my ear to answer a call and slicing my face on the sharp plastic. You wouldn't want me to sue for that would you?
    "One minute sir" Said the rep in a tussle. And in about five minutes she came back on and said:
    "As a courtesy we will replace the phone with a refirbished one."

    OK I said, and we will see if I get a new one or a one that is as damaged as mine!

    Good luck with yout Treo! And beware of the crack!

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    this appears to be a major issue that definitely needs to be addressed by Handspring themselves. Does anyone know if Handspring monitors this forum? I would assume that they do, since this is linked by their Treo website. Can we get some type of corporate response to this concern?
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    The same thing just happened to me this morning...I didn't even know this was a defect and I'm so glad I logged into TreoCentral to check and see if anyone else had the problem! I didn't notice it till this morning when the thing wouldn't open properly. In my case it was the right hinge. I have dropped my treo about 3 times - I dropped it just a couple of days ago, which might have been when the damage occurred.

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    ...when I received a brand new Treo from Sprint today!!! After I posted my first message the other day, I started calling my Sprint store ... called them a bunch of times on Thursday and then a few times on Friday morning. Kept getting a recorded message which had no way to leave a message. I finally gave up - they are 50 miles away from me so I wanted to make sure that they had a Treo in stock and that they would trade it for me.

    I called Sprint PCS customer care to complain about not getting through to the store, and had the incredible luck of getting this woman who wanted to bend over backwards to provide service to me. I just was pretty confused by that...if I hadn't been so shocked, I would have asked her name so I could give her credit!! LOL. She listened to my explanation and did not hesitate to say she would send me a 'kit' in which I could send back my old phone and they would send me a new phone. I originally bought my phone at Best Buy, so I was very surprised that she didn't balk a bit.

    I received the 'kit' today, which actually CONTAINED a NEW treo!!!! I guess I misunderstood, but hey, I'm not complaining!!!

    My only problem now is that I need to find a good case that I can put on my Treo and *keep* on at all times (even when using). Of course, it also needs to cover and protect that far I haven't seen much of anything that will work. I'd appreciate any recommendations!!!

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    Well there shouldn't be any doubt that this isn't a fluke. I'm on my 2nd Treo and already I notice the same joint crack on the lid the same spot as my first Treo, where the lid eventually broke and was hanging by the wires.

    I wonder if Handspring is aware...I should just get them to check this thread out.
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    I was an early adopter of the 300 and since I got it I have dropped it many times and use it constantly. I have never had a problem with the lid... of course I don't hold it as most people do. When pressing the Treo to my ear, I hold it by the lid, not the body of the Treo. That way if I need to press it against my ear a little more tightly I don't put strain on the hinge to do so. I also tend not to wedge the Treo (or any phone) between my ear and shoulder to use it 'handsfree' - I use the headset... maybe that's why my 300 has lasted. :-)
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    weird question here: my flip broke but the wired connection still exists...if I were to cut off the wired connection (and remove top flip as it is a hindrance now), it is obvious I would not be able to listen or talk on phone calls---but would I still be able to use the Treo 300 for snappermail and real uses...could care less about phone to be honest.

    thks in advance
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    why wouldn't you want to bring it in to a Sprint store to have it replaced?
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    500 bucks...thats what they told me...way to stick behind product
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    like with everything in life, its not necessarily what you say, its how you say it.

    if i were in your shoes, I would be on the phone with sprint right now having them send me a new phone overnited at their expense, for this serious manufacturing defect.
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    Every Sprint handset is guaranteed for a year, that coupled with the fact that there is a design defect with this particular handset means you'll get a replacement unit. Don't roll over and pay $500, that's ludicrous.

    That being said, my replacement handset is not performing like the original. My battery life sucks. My oldset could easily go 4 days on a single charge (if I wasn't making a ton of calls). Now, I'm lucky to make it through the day on a single charge. I'm also not happy with the data / vision - the unit continually drops data. Everytime I want something I have to reconnect, that didn't used to happen. I thought I had gotten a brand new unit, based upon the packaging, condition, etc. But now I'm beginning to question that.

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    The replacement unit is always going to be something refurbished. They usually don't even tell you...but that's how it is. I've been with sprint for about 4 years and its always worked this way. Not to mention that I've never held on to a phone for more than 8-9 months. I am always replacing them due to defects. What really bites me is when the phone is discontinued within a year of your purchasing it and you have to settle for something of equal or lesser value.

    As I mentioned previously, I'm on my 2nd treo and I've superglued the lid to keep it on. I'll probably wait as long as possible within the one year time frame and replace it again.

    This is all passing the time until the pocket pc phones start coming out beyond the first generation units (no offense to the Treo!)
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    But alas, I must join the ranks of tise with a broken lid. Mine is broken on the right side, just below the hinge. I've had it just 4 months. I will update post later with Sprint's response.
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    Originally posted by slwatts
    But alas, I must join the ranks of tise with a broken lid. Mine is broken on the right side, just below the hinge. I've had it just 4 months. I will update post later with Sprint's response.
    I thought pretty much the same thing before it happened to me as well. Best piece of advice I can give you: be sure a store has a replacement before you go in.
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    I had my hinge break today and I thought i'd post my experience.

    First of all, I went down to the local sprint store. I figured that I might get lucky and they would swap it out. (my replacement plan is through comp usa which is 200 miles away from where I live now)

    Well, the guy I went up to told me to talk to the store manager. He took one look at it and said that he couldn't do anything. I argued with him for a short while and walked out of the store.

    I called up customer service and they told me that it was a known defect and the stores are supposed to replace them. They put a note on my account and told me to go back in.

    I went back in, the guy laughed at me and was VERY RUDE. He said that customer service does not have the authority to tell him what to do. He then immediantly went into my account and changed what it said about the store replacing my phone.

    I was upset. I was on hold with customer support while in the store, they talked to him and he told them that he hadn't heard anything from corp. headquarters. He gave the phone back to me and walked away. Customer service appologized and told me that they would send me a phone within 3-5 days and would also give me a $50 credit (half my bill)

    The store manager didn't say another word to me, he just ignored me until I walked out of the store.

    Customer service said that they would deal w/ this situation.

    Anyway, i'll be getting a new phone here soon and I am happy once again.. (until the treo breaks again)

    Hope this helps anyone out there having problems w/ the Treo.

    I think handspring should offer us some sort of upgrade for the new treo coming out.
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    I went into a Sprint store last week, and was told I would have to use my insurance. I asked for a manager and bandied back and forth with him about whether or not this was a known issue. He then left and said he was calling somebody or another, came back claiming that it wasn't a known problem, but that he wanted to "make me happy." I got my refurbished phone yesterday, and sent an email to all my cohorts about the being careful with the lid, so as to avoid this issue in the future.
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    Well.. I received my phone next day air via UPS. It was a brand new one from the sprint customer service. I am quite impressed and very happy with sprint

    Hope others have the same results!
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