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    I know that this problem was mentioned a couple of months ago, but I could not find the thread.
    After being without e-mail for exactly 1 month, when it finally started to work a couple of weeks ago, my incoming SMS stopped working properly. A box comes up that says "Initiating SMS Retrieval", which it did not do before, then nothing. Also, the format of the incoming messages, when they come through days after they were sent, has changed. They now read " Of course, if you hit reply, no number comes up in the "to" area, you must re-enter the number.
    SPrint tried to blame it on "the third party" app, but both TREO300SMS and Verichat have worked flawlessly since I installed them. As we all know, the same cannot be said for SPrint. Incoming computer generated SMS does work in a timely manner.

    Any help would be appreciated, since I do use SMS quite frequently when it is working properly.
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    This is a known Sprint problem. Someday it will be fixed (supposedly, the end of the month). When you get the message "Initiating SMS Retrieval" and nothing happens after that it is because the PDAapps proxy server cannot get the information from Sprint.

    With regards to the one-way text message format, if the number is already in your address book, you can reply and have the "to" field properly populated. At least that's how it works on my device.
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    I am having this same problem. Even though it finds the contact and puts the name in the From field, the reply is still blank. I have sent a support msg to PDA Apps but have not rcvd a reply yet.
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    I had this problem a few weeks ago. There was a system problem on Sprint's SMS servers which PDAApps resolved by re-routing messages to working SMS Servers at Sprint.

    The other problems were all related to my account. Some braniac at Sprint (I now believe this applies to everyone who works as a tech at Sprint BTW) decided to change the way they do their Vision accounts to make them uniform. You see, some of us kept our plans and paid $10 for unlimited Vision, while others chose the new Vision accounts for whatever price they charge. Sprint decided to switch everyone to the regular plan with data option. In my case, the unlimited Vision came at no additional charge. When Sprint made this switch for me, the Vision code was left off my account (weird becasue it still basically worked) and I could no longer receive SMS messages.

    You can do a simple test to see if your problem is with your account or PDAApps. Go to and click on the link to send a Wireless Web Message near the bottom. Then, send yourself a message on the resulting web page. If your account is broken, you will see an error that the user entered doesn't subscribe to the service. If you see this, you need to call Sprint and report the error. You won't be the first, and they seem to have an easy fix because they actually got this problem fixed for me 48 hours into the 72 hour response window.

    Good luck...

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