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    My treo was set to silent mode and sometimes when call came it vibrated but never stop! I tried different things and finally needed to do a soft reset to fix it. It was very embarrassing as I needed to stop everything and reset the treo.

    Any patches for this problem exist?
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    I had that happen once. It was amusing, but annoying. I haven't had the problem again, and I don't remember if it happened before or after the GPRS upgrade.
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    Did it happen as you tried to answer the call using the headset button ? If so, this have already been discussed here and no solution exists yet. Handsprind said it was fixed with GPRS 1.1.1 but I still experience it from time to time....
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    i have this problem all time. especially say when i am about to enter a lift and the phone rings, the signal will get cut off when the lift door close, and the phone would keep on vibrating and ringing and no actions can stop it and i have to do a soft reset in front of the people inside the lift. very embarrassing.

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