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    Friday Feb. 21, 2003
    Dear Handspring,

    The news is filled today with the Palm Tungsten W, set to appear in retail stores on the 28th of this month. Indeed, as I peck out this note, Amazon, Staples and others are currently taking orders. Like the Treo90, the W's dimensions are small, and it sports a thumb keyboard. Unlike Sony models, but like the Treo and RIM's Blackberry, the W's keyboard is ergonomically situated, at the bottom of the device, thus minimizing-- if not eliminating-- strain with heavy use. The reporters tell me that this initial W will include "push" email, like the Blackberry, through AT&T's wireless service. But, reporters are sometimes inaccurate.

    Meanwhile, you've suggested that the Treo90 is now a past-tense item, in terms of future store availability.

    I've been through several handhelds through the years, ultimately turning my back completely on PocketPCs, primarily due to persistent instability problems. I still love/use my Blackberry (2 years+), but it's a one-shot device. Mind you, it's the best there is in terms of no-sweat hands-off prompt email receipt (+ composition/sending), but it's still a one-trick pony, as its PIM functions exist in name only. And so, I long to see the Blackberry's TRUE push email capability blended with a Treo-like PIM-feature-rich device. Palm seems to be approaching this, complete with an SDIO slot and hi-res resolution.

    I want you to know-- I'm committed to your company, because you have proven to me that you respect your customers. When the initial roll-outs of the Treo90 indicated an irritating problem with the stylus holder, you elected to make replacements available, in the most customer-friendly manner imaginable. Later, you presented a complete surprise -- you made a downloadable patch available, thereby adding SDIO capability to our trusty little devices. Hence, you've earned my loyalty.

    Within the past few months, we also learned of your on-going talks with the Blackberry folks. I deduce from that the potential for a combined Treo/Blackberry device under your company's name. If so, it would be my little version of e-heaven. I want to "hang in there", and wait to see your latest offering. But, the Palm Tungsten W has emerged as an apparently worthy competitor. This is especially true since the W, like the Treo90, employs the 4.1 PalmOS, thus easing transition.

    I post this open note, then, to simply make one request. Loyalty to a company will usually, realistically speaking, take a back seat to perceived personal needs. Your profound history of innovation suggests that you are working on a model, or perhaps series of models, that will do you proud-- again. If it is, indeed, your intent to build on any of the current Treo models, enhancing them with hi-res resolution, an SDIO slot, and genuine push-email-- the latter courtesy of a presumed licensing deal with RIM-- let us know, please. This bulletin board would be a perfect place, as those who do not yet own a Treo are more likely to troll other information sites. The Treo die-hards live here. We were the ones who embraced the then-new device, and found ourselves thoroughly satisfied. We are the ones who sang/sing your praises, while showing others our new "e-brains" at any given opportunity. In short, we are the ones most interested in helping you to succeed, through continued Handspring purchases. Please, help us to help you. I'm not asking you to compromise details. I just want to know that my waiting will be rewarded. I'll take you at your word, because I know your word is trustworthy.

    Thanks for considering this note. And to the forum moderator, thanks for providing the space for this heartfelt plea. As for my fellow forum visitors whose eyes may dance across this text comprising this note, please, help me prove to Handspring that I am **not** alone.

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    Originally posted by WebSter
    Like the Treo90, the W's dimensions are small, and it sports a thumb keyboard.
    Tungsten W: 4.8" (5.43" including antenna) x 3.07" x .65"; 6.5 oz.

    Treo 90: 4.2" x 2.8" x .65"; 4 oz.

    Treo 300: 4.4" x 2.8" x .82"; 5.7 oz.

    Palm III: 4.7" x 3.2" x .7"; 6 oz.

    T-W seems a little big. I'd need to see one in the store, but when I pick up my old Palm III, I'm like NO WAY would I carry that around.
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    Thank you for your input, potatoho. Clarification: I said "small (like the Treo)". I did not say "identical to".

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    I purchased a Treo 90 as an interim device. I expect it to hold me over for about a year by then I'm hoping there will be a new device running on OS5 with an SDIO slot, keyboard and hi res screen. And if it was a phone too that would be ok. I hope that new device will be a Handspring.
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    Originally posted by quispus
    I purchased a Treo 90 as an interim device. I expect it to hold me over for about a year by then I'm hoping there will be a new device running on OS5 with an SDIO slot, keyboard and hi res screen. And if it was a phone too that would be ok. I hope that new device will be a Handspring.
    The Sony TG50 rumors floating around sound promising:
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    For me, here is how HandSpring could blow everyone away:
    1. Start with the Treo 90.
    2. Add phone capabilities like the 300.
    3. Add analog roaming mode.
    4. Add user-replaceable snap-on type battery.
    5. Get battery life to where it will last at least 1 or two days of typical usage and one full day of heavy usage. Of course, this is without using analog roaming. If this is not possible currently then at least a replaceable battery will extend usage time.
    6. 320x320 screen with at least 4096 colors, preferably 65K colors.
    7. 16MB of RAM is okay, but more is better.
    8. Keep the keyboard just as it is.
    9. Add a single button HOME button. Having to hit 'option'-'/' stinks. We have to add on a hack to get what we need and still have all other functionality.
    10. Add the & to keyboard without having to use the blasted '...' key which I hate.
    11. Make the shortcuts work in keyboard mode. I would love to be able to do time and date stamps without rechoecho and the stylus.
    12. Sell it for no more than $399.

    I would buy this as soon as it came out. I wanted the Treo 300 until I found out about the battery life and the lack of an SD slot or a replaceable battery and no analog mode. Even if they just added an SD slot and a user-replaceable battery to the 300 I would probably buy it if the price was right. If they also added analog roam mode I would SNAP it up!
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    This thread was posted in a very professional way. Very nice...

    Handspring may also want to know that some users are not buying upgrades and accessories for their Treo 90's since they were discontinued so quickly. Why should I by an extra cradle and a travel charger for a unit that is discontinued in 8 months??

    My Visor Prism has about $400 or more in accessories purchased over 18 months. My Treo 90 has exactly $25.00 in accessories because I don't know if Handspring is coming out with a replacement unit.

    They should be a little nervous that many of their happy Treo 90 customers are drooling over the new Sony G50 (Or whatever is is called). Those people would probably rather be drooling over a new Treo 90 replacement in the pipeline... Those are a lot of potential customers down the drain.

    I am a handspring dealer, but I stopped selling the devices a while ago. I can't look my customers in the eye and tell them their devices will be available or supported in a few months. I switch them to Palms, instead. At least I know that there is an upgrade path with them.
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