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    The car charger that came with my 300 is defective. I know it's a common problem. My only question is, how do I get a new one? I went to Best Buy, where I got the unit, they said I need to call Sprint - I called Sprint, who said I needed to call their Accessory Hotline, who then told me I need to call Handspring - I called them, and they said they don't support Sprint products, and I need to call Sprint. How has everyone else taken care of this?
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    The best buy near me had Handspring Treo car chargers on clearance for $4.99. I bought one just cause it was so cheap... I guess my MGB has its own charger now.
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    How long have you had the Treo? The defective charger was an issue quite a few months ago, everyone was sent a replacement charger (at least, most people mentioned that they did...we have about 30 where I work - we got sent an entire box of 'em!). I would assume that the "standard" defect was taken care of for new purchases...but if you are having a defect problem, I would highly suggest taking it directly to a Sprint PCS store (not a kiosk or booth in another retail store). They are able to replace under warranty - the Accessory Hotline will make you pay for it, and BestBuy/3rd Part Retailers are obligated to cover warranty issues always...

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