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    varichat is total garbage. aim will connect. load my buddy list and its functionality ends there. I can send messages to people on aim but I cannot recieve any messages... people send me messages on aim and I never get them.. anyone else waste money on this???
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    First, spell it correctly. Second, calm down. Third, I've never had a problem with Verichat.
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    I'm with KRamsauer. I've been using VeriChat since the initial Beta with little or no problems whatsoever.

    If you send an e-mail to, they're usually very helpful.

    My first suggestion to you would be to delete the app from your Treo and re-install after a soft reset, then go through the activation process again.
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    It didn't work for me for a couple days. It turned out to be a problem with Sprint's network. I couldn't get any sms messages.
    Overall, I'm happy with it.
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    Sprint server never has trouble. Then you wake up cuz the sprint server is the first place I look when I have any trouble with any of my softwear. It always turns out to be on sprints end. If that program didn't work well don't you think many more people would post that. Good luck with sprint.
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    I have to chime in here. I have been running Verichat since it's beta phase and have had zero problems. I use it often. It works great. And I use all three client flavors (I run Trillian on my desktops). It's anything but garbage.
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    I was just using it today and it was pretty cool. Had three conversations going, and I noticed it do something cool. It pops up a little yellow sticky note when another channel goes active.

    They need to improve some of the management areas, such as making it easier to add contacts, and also possibly maintain a section for unsolicited messages. Anyways, looking forward to the upcoming update.
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    Mine only works when I'm in Verichat appl, I can receive messages but when I'm in another appl, there will be email send to me saying "no reply .. blah .. blah" when I am supposed to receive the message.

    It's supposed to continue working even I'm in another application, isn't?
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    Yes it works while in other applications. You have the Treo300SMS installed too right?
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    Originally posted by potatoho
    looking forward to the upcoming update.
    So am I but I get no response when this update is coming. I really want ICQ capability and was told that was in a few weeks - that was back at the end of December.
    Darren Greenspoon
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    support said the below which fixed it>

    In your PC AIM client, change your privacy settings to allow other
    people to contact you. Then see if you get the messages that other
    people send you.


    you need to have everyone able to contact u
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    So, does this mean that the product is not "total" garbage?

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