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    I know I'm not alone on this, so I thought I'd start a thread to try and figure out which apps might be causing this problem.

    I'm using BaseJet for my e-mail, and find, more often than not, that when it performs its periodic poll for messages the data connection times out (60 seconds, during which time the phone is frozen). A manual poll after that shows the Vision login and then everything is OK. I had been working under the assumption that this was a system-wide problem, and everyone was having this problem.

    I've been going back and forth with another BaseJet Beta user who claims that loading SnapperMail rather than BaseJet makes this service disconneciton problem disappear. He claims that a 15 minute automatic poll in SnapperMail never sees a service disconnection whereas the same polling period in BaseJet does.

    Can anyone tell me if:

    1) They have the service disconnect problem
    2) What "Internet Enabled" apps thay have loaded
    3) If they've isolated any specific app that seemed to cause the problem.

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    i could connectine with verichat and blazer but not email or sms. a sprint guy said that the email and sms servers are separate than the websurfing. they use different ports. for email I use eudora and snappermail. I did numerous soft and hard resets, reprovisioned my data and voice, and prayed to the good lord above to no avail. I still couldn't connect to my email! but then just as suddenly as it stopped working, it started working. after a day outtage it's fine now. if the problems persists, I suggest reprovisioning the data and voice... good luck dude.
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    Thanks, but that's not what I was looking for. My BaseJet works just fine as long as I have a live data connection. It seems as though Sprint is dropping my data connection but the Treo doesn't know this. It still has the two horizontal arrows indicating a data service conneciton. However, if you try and use any data service (Blazer, Xiino, BaseJet...), it attempts to use the data connection and then times out. After the timeout, an attempt to use a data app forces the Vision sign on process and then everything works fine again.

    I'm trying to figure out if this is being caused by BaseJet, or if this is a problem on the Sprint end.
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    I actually have been having a vision disconnection problem whenever I try to update Epocrates Qrx! Has anyone had this problem? I intitiate Autoupdate, it attempts to connect to epocrates servers and 1/3 times it fails stating that the servers timed-out resulting in vision turning itself off? I then re-turn on vision and try to sync again. Any thoughts?
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    This issue has been covered many times - some threads that I started on my own, in frustration, along with the largest one titled 'Attempting to connection to PCS Vision causes crashes' or some similarly oddly named thread. Poke around a bit, and you'll see.

    Bottom line - the data connection will drop from time to time, for no apparent reason, and I don't think it has anything to do with which app is needing to grab the data side.

    I will say that, although I would have never thought this to be the case, the issue does also seem to be geographically related. When all this BS started for me back in Novermber, I thought the dropping issue was unrelated to location. But some subsequent trips have shown me that locations other than near my house (outside Dallas) rarely if ever drop the data connection. I've gone to Vegas and San Diego a few times, and didn't drop connection once that I saw. Upon arrival home, it'll drop in the span of 1 minute.
    So - you never know...
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    Disconnects on Sprint are relatively frequent and very, very annoying.

    Clearly, the frequency of disconnects varies from user to user. Geography may be a factor. For me, it's time of day - I get disconnects as often as once every five minutes during the afternoon, and then rarely in the morning or night (network congestion?).

    The "connection dead but the Treo doesn't know it" is a real problem that is network related. Sprint has known about this for months; I doubt it will be fixed at this point.

    FWIW, T-Mobile's GPRS service appears FAR more stable to me (I've been using a 270 for about a week). The disconnects I've seen are socket-related for the most part, rather than network-related... so "fixing" them takes a second or two rather than fifteen to thirty seconds on the 300.

    Honestly, I wouldn't keep my Treo 300 at this point if it weren't a company phone.

    - Marc
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    There are really two issues here. On their own the are annoying, but together they are troublesome.

    The first one, which has been reasonably well covered and griped about, is that Sprint's connection is getting dropped. The second, less thought of aspect is that the Treo doesn't realize that the connection has gone bye-bye, and will try it for two minutes before it times out. It is this aspect that makes the problem frustrating. Often, I just go into the prefs page to do a quick disconnect-connect, which only takes around 20 seconds instead of the three or so minutes waiting for the Treo bounce.

    If the Treo knew the line was down, it would just reconnect when you tried to do something.
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    I'm not sure what exactly is happening during those longer "hung up" stretches (i.e. whether that's in the OS, and - if so - where). But they are very annoying.

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