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    I just upgraded to the 90 from the Neo. I love it.
    I need a couple of opinions:

    What is a good Launcher. I had been using LaunchEm but I would like to access programs from the Keyboard.

    Also, how about some reccomendations on spreadsheet viewers. I really just have basic needs to carry some work Excell sheets to tracks sales. I like the Wordsmith program so I dont know if Documents To Go is needed.

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    I like lazy launcher. from It's freeware. When you hold down a hardware button, a popup list of apps and prefs appears. Type the first letter of your app and then scroll to it. If you only have one app that starts with that letter, it launches it. The process is very fast, since it doesn't call up a launcher screen full of icons that takes seconds to render.

    It's also able to launch DAs the same way. Desk Accessories are hacks that allows you to do things like show private records, change volume, etc., without leaving the current app. Most DAs are freeware.

    There's also shareware app called Shortcutz from that enables apps on your SD to be launched from most launchers. It works well with Lazy Launcher and most, if not all others.

    Enjoy your Treo,

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    Originally posted by J. Kevin Wolfe
    ... Desk Accessories are hacks that allows you to do things like show private records, ...
    Kevin would you please post link to the referenced hack that allows showing of private records (& similar DA's)? Can't seem to find said animal and would find it very useful

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    SHChangerDA is in the System or Utilities category. You'll also find other DA launchers here.

    Note that not all DAs work with the Treo 90. SHChangerDA, Melody DA (piano kb and recorder), P-Info (shows battery voltage and memory usage), VolumeDA (To change volume), ToUpperDA (changes case of selected text) all work fine.

    If you use SH, you might also want to install SafeHack (PalmGear freeware I think). It rehides everything when the unit is switched off. Very good hack. You'll need X-Master (or another hack engine) for all this stuff. It's freeware too.

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    Thanks for the link. Lots of useful stuff there

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