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    Does anyone know of an email app that will allow you to use POP or IMAP4 to open attachments without going through a pay per year service??? I can't believe that this does not exist yet! I used a wireless Palm device about 3 years ago and that was why I got rid of it. Now I have a Treo 300 and I am amazed that no one has come out with this yet..
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    One of the many reasons, this doesn't yet exist is because of 1) the "horsepower", or lack thereof, required to do conversion on a 33Mhz processor and 2) some formats (i.e. MS Office) are somewhat closed and not readily available. Many expect that some of these things will change shortly and a lot of informaton has been posted here as well as on some of the e-mail client forums (most notably the SnapperMail forum on Yahoo).
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    Basejet will do some attachments.
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    Thanks for the info. I checkout the snapper mail forum.
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    Basejet will do some attachments.
    Basejet uses a proxy server and is a service-based solution. The original post asked what was available (if anything) without using a service-based solution.
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    I know the email market pretty well and the only 2 apps that can do it for OS3.5 and without memory cards (ie. Treos) is SnapperMail and the rusty old MultiMail Pro 3.1 which is no longer sold.

    See below for the files supported:

    More attachment support including office formats to be announced very soon.

    Will Lau

    A Killer Email Client for Palm OS Smartphones, now available...
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    if you're seeking an Outlook conduit-based program (as I have in the past), give Inbox To Go from DataViz a chance. it opens word and Excel files to your handheld, and allows you to attach those same file types to outgoing messages as well.
    It's not without its warts, however - desktop syncs will sync mail to your handheld, and that process can take forever and is often buggy - you'll get more than the occasional soft reset. The program also pretty much requires that you use Documents To Go, since the attachment file-saving process really uses the same methods as Docs To Go.
    But - it IS pretty cool to get mail wirelessly, and also have the ability to grab files wirelessly as well. I used it extensively when I had a Kyo6035, but now I rely on TreoMail with my Treo300.
    Good luck!
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    QuickOffice and SnapperMail, as of this morning, support this.

    - Rich

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