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    I've tried four browsers on my Treo 300 so far. Blazer (obviously), Xiino, PocketLink, and ZFrame.

    I really like the way ZFrame displays web pages as they appear in real life. And I was pleasantly surprised that the speed was workable. Unfortunately, I think that the Treo's 160x160 resolution is simply too low to make this sort of thing work out well. I think at 320x320 it could be quite nice. It also seemed to act a little odd in some circumstances.

    Blazer works as expected and seems reasonably fast. Of course, most sites don't render well when shrunk down.

    I was surprised by Xiino. I navigated to my company web site ( and found it extremely slow to draw. I can go a bit crazy with my HTML in terms of having tables within tables within tables, etc. for layout purposes and I'm wondering if this is what Xiino has trouble with (though Blazer had no such trouble). Xiino seems to be the favorite around here. I'll have to try several more web sites and see how it does with them.

    I downloaded PocketLink after reading on that a new version was out. Their blurb mentioned that PocketLink was currently the only Palm browser that didn't use a proxy server. This surprised me as I thought the only one out there was the one that PalmSource was working on (still unreleased). I found the speed to be workable (a bit slower than Blazer) but was disappointed that it still seemed to squeeze things to fit the screen. I was hoping that because it didn't use a proxy server that that would mean that the software was decoding all of the graphics and HTML on the PDA directly. If that's the case, you'd think there would be an option to view web pages as-is (obviously requiring left-right scrolling).

    Bottom line for me is that, as I expected, web browsing is pretty bad on my Treo 300 unless I'm going to PDA-friendly versions of web sites. I think an OS5 320x320 Sprint Treo could improve things significantly when paired with ZFrame (assuming it supports 320x320 and OS5 - I don't think it supports OS5 but may support 320x320).

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    Thanks. I'm going to try out PocketLink.

    I've had good success with installing the web clipping files and then using Vagabond and One-Click Clipping (occman). It's black&white but pretty darn fast and usable if you need to get to a bunch of sites quickly each with their own history.

    Edited.. Well, that didn't take long. I don't think PocketLink is for me. The lack of a proxy really illustrates why everyone else uses a proxy Seriously, dozens of connection requests one after another to get images. If you turn off images it's not so bad -- or possibly it is better suited to wifi speeds.

    Though I did experience a crash. I was in the middle of downloading a page, and I hit the 'x' in the corner. I thought that was to make it stop the downloading. Well, apparently it's some kind of Windoze emulator because it means to close the app & give a fatal exception
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