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    Can someone tell me how to open and view an attachment that I receive in Snappermail? The attachment downloads but I can't figure out how to open it. I am looking to open Word, Excel files.

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    has the answers under support.

    You can open word/exel files only by forwarding to a special email address that sends it back to you again, but in a format that ONLY quickoffice reads.

    Still beta, so it should improve soon (hopefully). We are still waiting on html/folder support

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    Announced this morning, QuickOffice and SnapperMail support this.

    - Rich
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    Although I'm not using SnapperMail (because I was unable to open word & excel docs), I immediately purchased the upgrade to QuickOffice Premier.

    I think this functionality has real potential for major impact on how Palms are used.


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