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    My brother's Sony palm device is so fast and my Treo 300 is so slow. Why? Shouldn’t this new Treo be fast?

    It takes my Treo a second or two to switch from phonebook view to calendar view. My brother's Clie switches view instantaneously.
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    the treo is not a particularly fast processor, nor is it the latest version of the palm OS. you will get responses from some of the more knowledgeable folks around here, but apparently there were reasons for it.

    funny how our concept of time changes. here we have a device that can call around the world, surf the web, track our lives, and more, and we are impatient because it takes a second to switch applications. it's an 'information age' curse
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    Got mine yeaterday and that was the first thing I noticed. "Benchmark" showed my treo @ 164%, the visor platinum is listed @ 204%. Big difference.

    My overclocked clie n610c used to pull in the mid 300's. I need to look into some overclocking software, battery usage worries me though.


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