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    Does anyone have an countdown timer or alarm program that will work with the Treo300 and set off the vibration when it's set on silent? I've tried Big Clock, EZ Clock, Random Alarms, Treo Tools timer, and a few others. None will set off the vibration. The author of Random Alarm wrote me that the Treo uses a unique way of setting off the vibration. Any of you programmers out there, here's a challange!!!!

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    If you only need a countdown timer (for egg boiling...) try the excellent freeware 1Touch Timer .
    You set the countdown time by dragging the stylus to the good value and it automatically start counting down. Can't be easier, and if Treo switch is set to silent, no vibrate, just a message.
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    Well, the thing is, I take a "power nap" about 4 times a day for 30-40 minutes in a "reading" room full of people taking, uh, I mean, also "reading" so I set the timer and stick it in my belt and know when it's time to stop "reading" with out disturbing the others that are "reading" I need that vibrating. Thanks though.
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    Sorry, my English is not perfect, I understood that "set off" is like "turn off" the vibration. So I can't help anymore.
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    I also have similar needs than you, for similar purposes too!

    Just use your regular Daily Planner that came with your unit; I think it is the second button from the left.

    go to a specific time slot & type in your reminder, then click on it to be more specific timewise, within 5 minute intervals. Go back to the main screen, enter Alarm option screens & set regular sounds, or combination thereof. Just disable the sound on the Treo with the top switch. When the time comes, it will just vibrate! It works for me!
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    Yea, neccesity is the mother of invention, so that's what I've been doing. But I'm one of those guys that likes a utiltiy for everything! Wish I could find one for this.

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