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    I just got a large and annoying SPAM message from some new site called CoolSyncCentral which aims to be something like PalmGear - a directory of palm apps. I wanted to tell everyone that your should stay away from this site for several reasons:

    1) They SPAM innocent people - anyone who does that is not being an honest person.
    2) When I actually went to the site and clicked on "Developers" link, and the "Marketing Programs" link I found the following quote:

    "Why not include freeware products?

    The goal is to expose commercial/shareware products to potential customers. This will help developers generate more revenue and continue to create innovative products."

    There are many freeware programs out there which we use daily. So this site is snubbing freeware and from the looks of it, it looks like its out to promote commercial products only and not to serve as an impartial directory. Hey, I don't mind ads on PalmGear or "featured programs" BUT someone who is only willing to list commercial software doesn't sound good to me.

    Just want to rant a bit, that's all.
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    i got the same spam. i have been selling my ringtones on handango and palmgear. i had gotten an email from pdagreen inviting me to post there as well. i have not had one sale from pdagreen. did not even bother with this one.

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    I got one too, and I only have two freeware PQA's to my name.
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    Hi Aaron,

    You are selling ringtones on - our site sells mainly Palm os software....

    Nevertheless - please send me and email and I will see what we can do to increase exposure of your ringtones on our site.

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