I want to use the free AIM service detailed below, but the PCS web home page in Blazer doesn't have that option anymore ( I believe it was in Messaging

Thanks, John

7. How do I access Instant Messenger from my Sprint PCS Phone?

After you sign up for AOL Instant Messenger from your desktop computer, it's easy to start sending and receiving instant messages using your Sprint PCS Phone.
Start the Sprint PCS MiniBrowser (please refer to the User Guide for your phone for help with using the Browser). The MiniBrowser options are displayed.
Select Messaging and press OK.
Select AOL Instant Messenger from the menu. The AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Welcome screen is displayed and you are prompted to enter your screen name.
Enter your screen name. This is the name you created when you first created your AOL Instant Messenger account from your desktop computer.
Press OK. You are prompted to enter your password.
Enter the password associated with your screen name. Note that your password is case-sensitive.
Press OK. The main AIMBuddyList screen is displayed, and you are ready to send and receive messages.